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Songs will be rotated
Track 01< Intro-Pastor Gaston Smith - Miami, Florida
Track 02< Kum By Ya
Track 03< Jesus Christ Is The Way
Track 04< We Fall Down
Track 05< Tomorrow
Track 06< Walk With Me
Track 07< What A Fellowship
Track 08< There's A Fountain
Track 09< Widen My Borders
Track 10< Prayz Gruuv
Track 11< Lord's Prayer
Track 12< Outro-Pastor Micah Chandler - St. Georges,
Ron Brown - soprano saxophone
Leonard Carter - keyboard
Jonathan DuBose Jr. - guitar
Grant Hall - bass
Katrina Lewis - organ/piano/synth bass
Martin Pointer - drums
Leroy Rogers - guitar
Neil Sanders - drums
Tony Smith - alto/soprano/tenor saxophone
Syreeta Thomson - trumpet
Hornrette Washington - piano
Bryant Wilder - bass
Robert E. Wilson II - keyboard/organ
Reggie Young - bass